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Sculpture reaffirms the substantial, adding presence to any environment. It invites us to stop: to be and cease doing. The provocative stillness of sculpture can stimulate feelings that were unknown to us and transform our world. These intense feelings of aliveness can be experienced by everyone who views sculpture, widening their world and inspiring their own creativity. Sculpture is made to be shared and its sharing makes life richer.

Vivien invites you to experience her sculpture…

She has developed unique ways of sculpting sensuous stone that enhances its elemental essence and resonance. She co-creates with each stone, working without a plan, responding to and revealing the vitality from within. Rhythmic repetition of metal files and rifflers, stimulates a process she terms 'independent hands' where her hands start working in ways her head didn't have in mind.

'I trust the wisdom of my hands. It is when I do my best, most dramatic work.'

Vivien trained with Peter Hibbard, a former assistant to Henry Moore. She is an elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and has a First class BA (Hons) in Art and Design. Her sculptures are in many public and private collections and she exhibits regularly in Europe.

Vivien has lived and worked in the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Bahrain, Turkey and the UK. Her studio is in the Peak District, Derbyshire, UK.


Blue Lady (2021)